Friday, February 17

4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Communication and Efficiency in the Digital Era

CE: 1.0

The landscape of fixed prosthodontics has changed with the development of modern ceramic materials. As the materials have changed our approach to dentistry has changed as well. Successful delivery of modern fix prosthodontics requires not just a refinement of the clinical techniques but also an efficient way of interdisciplinary communication. “Facially driven smile design” and “crown down treatment planning” are some of the popular trends in dentistry that can help the lab’s planning and significantly improve the outcome of its work. 


Learning Objectives

This presentation will provide tips and techniques on how to plan your anterior cases and how to improve your communication with the dental lab and achieve more predictable results for your crown and bridge work.


Dr. Bogdan Simandan

Dr Bogdan Simandan is a dental technician and dental surgeon. He has worked as a dental technician for the last 24 years. Since 2005 he has chosen Jamaica as his home, where together with his wife Edith they manage Eurodent Dental Laboratory, a small lab specializing in fixed prosthodontics. He is passionate about digital dentistry and has spent the last 10 years implementing digital technology. Today he continues to work both as a dental technician and dental surgeon.