Dr. German Ramirez

Topic: Guiding Craniofacial Growth and Development through the Mouth to give a better Airway: As a Dentist, I can give health to my young patients!

Dr. Ramirez obtained his DDS degree from the Javeriana University in Colombia. He completed a Pediatric Dentistry Diploma in Mexico, and trained in Orthodontics in Brazil. He completed a Master of Dental Sciences and a PhD in Oral Biology in Australia. He also holds a Master degree focusing in Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Apnea from Tufts University, USA. Dr. Ramirez has been an academic in USA and Canada. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Dentist of Canada and has his practice in Aurora, Ontario. Dr. Ramirez is the author of the book “Early Treatment of Malocclusions: Prevention and Interception in Primary Dentition”. He investigates on Craniofacial Growth and Development, the Patho-Physiology of Functional Disorders in the Cranio-Cervico-Mandibular system and how the craniofacial structures are modified by functional appliances. Dr. Ramirez is advocated to preventing before treating.

Outline & Objectives

As it is known today, Sleep and Breathing Disorders may be associated to deviations in the Craniofacial Growth and Development. In this lecture, Dr. Ramirez will present insights of Craniofacial Growth and Development to intercept developing malocclusions in children at a very early age. He will also put in context how developing a correct structure of the mouth gives the basis for producing a better airway. Therefore, Dr. Ramirez lecture will give you the basis to understand how a deviation in craniofacial growth may impact the airway in children, as well as to envision the importance of a myofunctional approach when intercepting a developing malocclusion at an early age, which may be associate with a sleep and breathing disorder.