Dr. Raj Rattan

Topic: Avoiding Failure : Why things go wrong?

Dr. Raj Rattan’s portfolio career includes general dental practice ownership and postgraduate education in relation to dental foundation training. He was Strategic Associate Dean at the London Deanery. He has provided consultancy services to several public and private sector organisations including the NHS, Denplan, dental corporates and the Department of Health where he has served previously as a Policy Adviser. He is the author/co-author of a number of textbooks, numerous articles and has lectured extensively throughout the United Kingdom and overseas on a wide range of dental subjects. He was a part-time dento-legal consultant at Dental Protection for over 20 years before taking up his current role as Dental Director in 2016.

Course Outline

This presentation covers the causes of human error in clinical practice which can lead to suboptimal outcomes for the patient. The presentation will include the causes of human error and the impact of environmental factors. The speaker will discuss the common error-promoting conditions, human factors that can lead to clinical error. He will also discuss aspects of clinical decision-making which can compromise clinical outcomes and which may lead to adverse outcomes for patients. These in turn lead to claims and complaints against the dentist. This leads to significant stress for the dentist involved and can affect his/her reputation amongst peers and others in the community.

The presentation will conclude with 7 key risk management tips about how to practice safely and reduce the incidence on human error. The presentation will include a review of actual case examples and there will be supporting research references.

Learning Objectives

  • To analyse the causes of failure in every day clinical practice

  • To identify the main causes of failure

  • To compare classifications of human error and how they can inform the analysis

  • To describe effective risk management strategies