Gary Killgo

Gary Killgo, CDT and owner of Georgia Dental Lab, is a second generation owner in the dental laboratory business. He has lectured at the Hinman Dental Society, numerous dental study clubs, as well as with Atlantis Implants. Gary works with industry leaders such as the Pankey Institute, the Dawson Academy, and multiple implant companies which GDL continues to hold platinum status with. Incorporation of milling and digital printing has helped GDL to become a leader in the digital dental field and their work has been featured in many publications.


The challenge of integrating dental implants in esthetic treatment is demonstrated with techniques that optimize hard and soft tissue balance. Proper treatment planning and collaboration between members of the implant team, including the periodontist, oral surgeon, restorative dentist, prosthodontist and orthodontist, resulting in predictably long-term esthetic outcomes is illustrated. Step-by-step clinical examples and videos demonstrate provisional and definitive restoration techniques. Results are examined from initiation of treatment to long- term follow-up for periods of over 20 years. This course is designed for dental teams who wish to explore a methodical and integrated approach to restoration techniques that simplify the process of esthetic implant rehabilitation and increase patient satisfaction with the overall dental experience.


  • Simplify complex interdisciplinary treatment plans for optimal anterior implant esthetics

  • Collaborate between dentists and key specialty team members

  • Develop anatomical soft tissue profiles around single and multiple implants in the esthetic zone

  • Adopt impression and intraoral scanning techniques that accurately capture soft tissue profiles

  • Integrate crowns, veneers and implants for esthetic rehabilitation